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Bitcoin Casino Basics

You probably think that bitcoin gambling is something pretty complicated. Well, it is quite the opposite. Just think of it as you would about your usual gambling activities, only with bitcoins instead of money. Instead of using your credit cards or other methods of payment, you are using bitcoins.

For those experiencing this kind of gambling for the first time, we are going to give a few pieces of advice that will make it easier to get around.

What are Bitcoins and why play should you with them at casinos?

The bitcoin casinos are almost the same as every other standard online casino. The only difference is the fact that you do not use any currencies and that in the currency used on these platforms are bitcoins. You will notice that bitcoin casinos are developing at a fantastic pace and that the increase of their share in the market is considerable. But, the quality of the service on these platforms is not the same and can vary a lot. It's the as with usual casinos: you have a difference in their services, some of them are good, and some of them aren't.

This is where mbitcasinos comes in. We are here to help you. People looking to experience this type of gambling need proper guidance and we want to assist you by providing the reviews of various casinos that use bitcoins as their currency.

Our platform is made for the newcomers in the field of bitcoin gambling or gambling in general, but we are also here to help those already having some experience, and we do not want to limit ourselves to only one group of people.

Our goal is to become a valuable source of highly credible information about different bitcoin casinos on the Internet.

For those who never experience this kind of gambling, we have exact and excellent guides aimed at helping them during their first tour in this area.

Meanwhile, for experienced users, our reviews make some parts of this way of gambling clearer. We collect specific details and information which they have a special interest in.

What do I need to start playing?

Bitcoin wallet

This is the crucial and the most important step of the whole process. You have three different kinds of Bitcoin wallets: online wallets, software wallets, and hardware wallets., is the address where you can choose your bitcoin wallet.

Hardware wallets are the most secure of all, but the online ones are the easiest to use, so choose carefully.

Don't think of it as a rocket science, using bitcoin wallets is pretty simple. Just read the instructions, and get it going with ease.

Acquiring bitcoins is also easy. Ask a friend to transfer them to you, or you can just buy them on the Internet. Mbitcasinos offers the possibility of obtaining bitcoins as well.

This isn't a difficult process because every bitcoin casino has detailed instructions on how to acquire bitcoins.

Bitcoins in an online casino

At first, you should deposit bitcoins at bitcoin casino after signing up. In 90% of the cases, the page where you deposit bitcoins is the same page from which you can withdraw them.

Some websites use Cashiers Page, on the others, you have direct links for ''deposit'', ''withdraw'' and ''get bitcoins'' operations.

It is quite easy and you shouldn't have any problems with this part of your experience. Everything is almost the same as in regular online casinos.

We have to tell you that online bitcoins casinos have terms and conditions worth taking a closer look at. In order to avoid any problems and some unpleasant experiences, please get familiar with those. For example, you might find it odd to see that you lost your bonus bitcoins, when in fact, they have expired.

Our reviews often point out the details considering the terms and conditions, and we are trying to help all of our users in this regard. We are always underlining unusual or interesting terms which can produce some problems for our respective clients.

This is our way of helping you to decide whether an online bitcoin casino is reliable and suitable for your needs.

Are Bitcoins casinos better than standard online casinos?

We have had many controversies regarding bitcoins and many of the casinos are still questionable, but we have to admit that bitcoins are becoming a regular and reliable subject in the financial world.

Many businesses already adopted bitcoin transactions, and they find them more suitable than dealing with money. As for online casinos, gambling using bitcoins is much more accepted because it is much easier to collect winnings.

Many gambling sites require credit cards as a payment method which is used by player to place bets and to collect the winnings.

Although it is hard to believe, not everyone has a credit card today. Also, payment facilities are making it even more difficult because they require every card to be verified prior to transferring funds.

This is why many people lost the will to experience Internet gambling.

There are alternative methods for online payments, but in the majority of the cases, they are unreliable and unsecure.

When we compare traditional with bitcoin online casinos, there are advantages and disadvantages and it can be a bit tricky to figure those out. We can point out some of the advantages that bitcoin has over the regular money:

Good luck in discovering and experiencing the joy of bitcoin gambling and remember that we are here to help you.

All aspects of business these days have unreliable and unsecured parties and our goal is to protect you from those looking to take rob you of your money.

You have our reviews at your disposal, use them wisely and often.

Simply we are here to help you.